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SSC Result 2020 Published Date | Eboardresult

SSC Result 2020 Published Date is the most important and burning question for ssc applicants, every year after the ending of the ssc examination. The most probable date for publishing ssc result 2020 is 31 May 2020. The government of education board and education ministry and education board result will publish ssc result 2020 in their exact time. Every year after ssc exam 3 months later of ssc exam they publish ssc result. The publish ssc result in their website of eboardresult and many more non official education board result website. You can see your ssc result very early if you follow our instruction step by step. So, let's jump to How can I see my ssc result 2020.


SSC Result 2020 Published Date

This year, I mean 2020 ssc result 2020 total student participated in the test the number is almost 10 lakh 12 thousand. Total male students’ number is 6 lakh 50 thousand and the female students’ number are 3 lakh 50 thousand. Total exam centers are 3000 above. These statistics for all education board for example Higher Secondary Education Board, Madrasha Education Board and Technical Education Board.

When SSC Result 2020 will be Published?

Though ssc exam 2020 has started from 03 February 2020 however, it had to start from 01 February 2020 but for some unavoidable circumstances this wasn’t possible to start the test. I hope to like every year education board result 2020 and ssc exam result 2020 will be published on 31 May 2020. Though we are not sure enough whatever, when will it be published or not in that time. If it takes a few times there would be no problem for ssc exam applicants because xiclassadmission will start after publishing ssc result 2020 only and the result will publish after 2PM, on 31 May 2020.

Is the date changeable?
We clearly can’t say that education board result 2020 will publish in time but we can assume that according to previous experience that ssc result 2020 will publish on 31 May 2020 in time.

Is 31 May 2020 SSC Result published date?
Every year on 31 May the educationboard publish ssc result. However, this year it could take few more time to evaluate the ssc exam paper because the exam was started a bit late than the actual starting time.

How can I see my ssc result?

There are several methods that you can easily see your ssc result 2020. You need not worry about seeing your ssc exam result 2020. How can I see my ssc result? The answer is you can see your ssc result by Internet or online, SMS and Android App or Application. We have published How can you check your ssc result 2020 and when ssc result 2020 will be published in Bangladesh.

How can I check my ssc result online?
This is the site to get the quick ssc result 2020 and ssc exam result 2020. By using the internet anyone can get ssc result 2020 in a short period of time. It is time-saving for all of us.

Select Examination type
Select SSC Examination Year
Select your education Board
Put your Roll number
Put your Registration number
Solve the math

Finally Press Submit button
Examination: SSC/Dakhil or SSC(Vocational)
Year: 2020
Board: Dhaka/Madrasah/Technical/DIBS(Dhaka)
Roll: 121165
Reg. No: 1211726740

However, this website for ssc result 2020 bd become very popular. Nowadays, it has become a very effective and efficient method for students of Bangladesh to get ssc examination result. Because anyone can get ssc result 2020 without any hesitation just by using eboardresult website. Eboardresult not only provides individual result but also Institutional result with info-graphic and various analytica. Also, anyone can compare one institution result with another institution. 


Eboardresult ssc result 2020 seeing the process. How can I know my ssc result? 
Step 1: Select Examination
Step 2: Select Year
Step 3: Select Board
Step 4: Select Result Type
Step 5: Type Captcha Code
Step 6: Click "Get Result" button.
Examination: SSC/Dakhil/Equivalent
Year: 2020
Board: Your education board Dhaka/Technical/Madrasah
Result Type: Individual/Institutional
Get Result 
There are some popular websites for you how to get ssc result 2020 by Internet

SSC Result 2020 website

Education Board
I have provided you the old and new all websites of all education boards of Bangladesh. Just copy and paste the URL I have given below.

Get web-based ssc result 2020

Web-based ssc result means you can get your ssc result 2020 and ssc exam result 2020 from government result site with or without your individual result or your institutional result. Whateve, you want you can get it by simply visiting below website. it only provides institutional web based result. It is not only the web site which provide institutional result rather you can visit and get ssc result from eboardresult too.

Web based ssc result
Follow my instructions to get web based ssc resul.
First of all, go to the web site I have mentioned above. Then follow the steps...

Select your exam board name
Put your Institution's EIIN code.
Select the type of result
Then press "Get Institution Result" button
Board: Dhaka
EIIN: 106512
Type of result: SSC or equivalent
Get Institution Result

See your School EIIN code Click here

Get ssc exam result 2020 via SMS


SSC Result in sms system is very easy and time-saving way to get ssc result 2020. How to get ssc result 2020 via sms? Here you can follow my direction step by step to get ssc result 2020 easily.
Go to your message option and then follow bellow instruction which I have given. SSC/DAKHIL <space> first three letters of the board name <space>  Roll number <space>  2020 and send this sms to 16222.

SSC CHI 121172 2020 sent to 16222

Get ssc result via Android Apps

There are some android apps to get ssc result 2020 and ssc exam results but I would request you not to use them because they are very slow then the actual server. There is no government authorized app for seeing ssc result. Thoug,  you and to get ssc result by android app then you may find some useful android app on google play store but I would not recommend you to download them. Web surfacing is good for ssc result website app is useless.          

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